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Common faults and solutions of printing plate

(I) reasons and solutions for blocking caused by ink drying in the inking hole of gravure plate

reason 1: ink drying too fast

solution: reduce the amount of solvent to reduce the drying speed of ink; Or redeploy the ink into slow drying ink; Or reduce the viscosity of the ink

reason 2: the pH value of ink is too low

solution: check the pH value of the ink  adjust the pH value to a specified range

reason 3: the fluidity of the ink is too poor (high viscosity)

solution: because there is air at the printing line, you can install a baffle or reduce the air flow

reason 4: poor printing conditions


(1) the drum is too hot: reduce the heat of the discharge drum and cool the drum

(2 when used as a material, high-molecular polymers are required to have necessary mechanical properties) the amount of ink in the ink bucket is insufficient: check the amount of ink in the ink bucket, and add new ink to the ink bucket if necessary

(3) printing speed is too slow: the printing speed should be increased

(4) the blade of the doctor blade is too sharp: generally, the blade of the doctor blade should be made of excellent alloy structural steel and slightly flat

(II) how to solve the dirty version

dirty version means that the non graphic part on the printing plate cylinder is also glued with a hazy layer of resin (with pigment in the resin) and transferred to the substrate, so that the printed matter presents sheet dirt

1. The main reasons for dirty versions are as follows:

(1) the resin has affinity to the chrome plated surface of the drum, making it difficult for the doctor blade to scrape the ink

(2) the system composed of resin and organic solvent is in a supersaturated state, with a large amount of resin precipitation, which is not dissolved by the solvent

(3) the wettability of the ink to the chrome plated surface is too strong, or the solvent used in the ink is slow drying solvent

2. Solutions include cyasorbcyergysolutionsv series stabilizer method:

(1) use solvents with strong solubility and fast volatilization

(2) control the viscosity of ink. In the production process, use solvents according to the actual situation, and add them in time according to the loss of various solvents, so as to maintain the stability of ink viscosity

(3) often add fresh ink

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