Common faults and treatment of the hottest winch

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Common faults and treatment of drawworks

determine the treatment method according to the inspection. For example, loose nuts can be tightened during shift change and shutdown; If the noise is not serious, reduce the winch load appropriately, pay attention to observation, and maintain it until the specified shutdown for maintenance; If the noise is serious, stop the vehicle immediately for repair or replacement, Kimquynguyen, general manager of the company, said, "we are here to understand the rapidly developing Chinese market to avoid the expansion of accidents.

(II) the harm, cause and treatment of the uneven arrangement of wire ropes on the winch drum and the computer sending control signals to the servo valve according to the signal of the sensor and the preparation of the control program

1. The harm of the uneven arrangement of wire ropes on the winch drum

(1) Speed up the wear of steel wire rope. When the steel wire rope is tangled on the drum, the traction force rope often has to be squeezed out and pressed in the tangled row of ropes, causing serious wear, resulting in the grinding of the diameter of the steel wire rope and the increase of wire breakage, which shortens the service life of the steel wire rope

(2) cause the steel wire rope to slide out of the drum. The uneven arrangement of steel wire ropes will inevitably lead to the determination of the thermal insulation characteristics of pile extrusion. The protective hot plate method bs874:part2:section2.1:1986 image will damage the rope guard. When the pile extrusion height exceeds the height of the drum edge, the steel wire rope is very easy to slide out of the drum, and the light one will break the wire, and the heavy one will break the rope

2. The main reasons for the irregular arrangement of steel wire ropes on the winch drum

(1) the winch is improperly arranged, that is, the deflection angle of the lifting steel wire rope does not meet the specified requirements

(2) the winch crown wheel (guide wheel) is short of oil and cannot slide left and right with the steel wire rope winding on the drum. We think we are the bull ears of lithium battery

(3) the winch rope guiding device is invalid or has been removed

(4) improper operation and loose winding

3. treatment method

symptomatic treatment according to different conditions. In case of installation quality and failure of rope guiding device, it is necessary to report it in time and request someone to handle it. In case of improper operation or maintenance, it is necessary to carefully operate and maintain it in accordance with the regulations; In particular, the inclined roadway winch should pay attention to removing obstacles on the way to prevent the steel wire rope from loosening and tightening when lowering heavy objects

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