Common faults and repair of the hottest wind elect

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Common faults and repair of long wind electric spark wire cutting machine tool

1 First, check whether there is relay pull in. If there is a relay pull in and release with the wire drum switch, check the three-phase power line, whether the wire drum motor is two-phase, whether the fuse is broken, whether the relay contact is intact, etc

2. If there is no relay pull-in, it indicates that there is a problem with the relay control circuit. The relevant components are a. screw barrel switch button B. machine tool emergency stop button C. screw barrel travel switch, etc. Special attention should be paid to the fact that our company's products also have an emergency stop button on the controller. If this button is pressed, the machine tool screw barrel cannot be opened. In addition, there is a limit switch on the machine tool electrical board. Only when the machine tool electrical board is pushed to the bottom, the switch can be turned on, and the machine tool can work

no reversing of the screw barrel

inspection method: the reversing of the screw barrel involves the screw barrel travel switch and two (or one) relays in the machine tool electrical appliances. Generally, the travel switch is more likely to be broken, as long as the travel switch is OK. Note that the top two of the travel switch are used for reversing the screw barrel, and the third is used for reversing high frequency (some machines do not have servo valves after cleaning), The fourth is the stop switch

press the water pump switch (or press the high-frequency switch) to stop the machine tool completely

inspection method:

1. The machine tool of our company is connected with the wire breaking stop function. To press the water pump switch (or high-frequency switch), you must wear molybdenum wire first. If you don't wear molybdenum wire, the machine tool will be broken, that is, stop immediately under the attraction of the "plastic limit order" and relevant policies

2. The broken wire shutdown line is connected to an introduction base, which must be a metal introduction. If the line is broken or the guide wheel is replaced with a ceramic guide wheel, it will not work

3. The wire break shutdown board is on the electrical board of the machine tool. There are two triodes on the board, which are generally easy to break. It can be replaced according to the model.

x, y carriage (or u, V carriage) are out of step phenomenon

inspection method:

1. This situation is generally caused by the low 24V power supply of the stepping motor. Check whether the 10000uf electrolytic capacitor has failed and whether there is a problem with 24V bridge rectification

2. What are the characteristics of the insulation material testing machine if the external power supply is low? Cause out of step, check whether the power supply of the controller is normal * good is to switch from stress speed to strain speed at the end of the elastic section, and 220V voltage regulator can be considered

check method for out of step or shaking of a carriage:

1. Replace the ring drive board to determine whether it is the problem of the drive board. If there is a problem with the drive board, it is generally that the 3dd15a or 3dk106b on the board is broken

2. Observe the stepper motor indicator light on the single board computer. There are three lights in one direction, which flash alternately during operation. If one light is always on or dark, it indicates that there is a problem with the single board computer. Check whether the interface board 3dk2b or 74ls08 or the PIO of the single board computer is damaged

3. there is a row of farang resistors at the bottom of the controller, which are the current limiting resistors of the stepping motor. If one of the resistors is broken or the connector is not in good contact, it will also cause out of step or not go

4. there may also be problems with the stepping motor, which can be judged in exchange

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