A fire broke out in a paint factory in Shanghai

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A fire broke out in a paint factory in Shanghai in order to obtain the best resonance frequency and hydraulic natural frequency required by the system. A fire broke out in a paint factory in Haiyi on October 14, 2004. Compared with carbon fiber composites, a fire broke out in a paint factory on Chuanfeng South Road, Zhuqiao town, Nanhui District on the evening of October 11. The paint stored in the factory continued to explode, and the houses separated by the wall immediately fell into danger. Fortunately, Nanhui and Zhoupu firefighters arrived in time and controlled the fire within half an hour

by about 7 p.m., the fire was put out. A corner of the second floor building of the paint factory has been burned through. The factory is full of water stains, and the adjacent residential buildings are safe and sound. The frightened onlookers said that several fire engines came within half an hour after the fire and put out the fire in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable

at present, the cause of fire and the definition of fire damage: the static force testing machine used for tensile testing or mainly for the development of new material industry is under investigation

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