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Common faults and solutions of the labeling machine (I)

the shrink film is easy to accumulate or jam materials in the central column


1. The control of the folding diameter of the film material during manufacturing is too large or too small, especially in the lower line (too small) of the standard size, which is more likely to cause the accumulation of materials in the central column

2. Single point clamping of the central column is also easy to cause clamping instability, so that the central column cannot become a line, resulting in material accumulation

3. The adjustment force of the upper and lower driving rubber wheels is inconsistent

4. When the knife edge of the cutter returns to the original point every turn, it may stop in the groove of the central column, causing the film label to touch the blade and form material accumulation

5. The groove of the central column may be "cut" by the cutter, which will cause the subscript to be not smooth, resulting in jamming

6. When waiting for the cut-off label to be brushed off, the brushing wheel did not smoothly put the cut-off label into the bottle body, resulting in domino effect, which reacted back to cause the accumulation of material in the central column


1. The label supplier is required to control the diameter reduction value within ± 0.5%. 0

2. The multi-point clamping machine is better than the single point clamping, but the labeling machines of various brands have different designs, so users should choose carefully when choosing

3. Correctly adjust the strength of the upper and lower driving rubber wheels

4. Check whether the origin of the cutter is correct, and check the matching of the whole process control. Be sure to drive the next sheet of material within the effective time after the cutter leaves the central column. In addition, when the cutter stops every turn, it should stay inside the cutter head and not too close to the central column groove, so as to ensure that there is no material accumulation

5. If there is a cut at the groove of the central column, the surface can be treated smoothly

6. Confirm whether the clamping contact between the lower brush wheel group and the central column is indeed not offset, and whether the lower brush wheel is worn so that the brushing force cannot evenly brush the label down and fall into the bottle, otherwise the label will cause a chain reaction to make the central column accumulate material

the cutting position of the shrink film is uneven, and there are burrs


because most of the labeling machines on the market at present belong to the design method of overlapping the cutting points of multiple knives, so the burrs are difficult to control

1. The label is too large, and the deviation between the central column diameter and the membrane material folding diameter is too large

2. The correction flat point of the cutter head is not on the same line

3. In the cutter head group, when the insulation time of the eccentric shaft reaches 8 minutes, the gap between the groove and the bottom of the cutter base is too large, resulting in the Chinese name of the cutter: tensile testing machine English Name: tensile testing attachment: the upper clamp 40X40X10mm is used for stretching to connect m8x Φ 20 pieces of machine pieces ≥ 50mm long are uneven

4. The strength of the blade is not enough


1. Control the label size, especially confirm the label folding diameter and center column diameter

2. Confirm the flatness after blade replacement. In addition, the tightness control of the locking blade should also be appropriate

3. Replace the relevant parts in the cutter head group

4. Replace with a new blade

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