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Common faults and solutions of needle printer ribbon

when using needle printer, the most common is ribbon fault. The following describes and solves several printer ribbon faults

1. Ribbon fracture

the tension of the ribbon is too large, breaking the suture or breaking the ribbon with a word hammer, resulting in ribbon fracture. In the former case, the broken part can be cut off and sewn up again; In the latter case, just replace the ribbon

2. The ribbon is stuck

the ribbon wheel is easily entangled after the edge of the ribbon is desanded and fuzzed, resulting in the ribbon wheel being stuck, and the ribbon cannot be normally retracted into the ribbon box. The solution is: first open the printer cover, open the interlock handle between the ribbon rotating arm and the hammer row, gently pull the ribbon back at the belt feeding end of the ribbon box, then close the interlock handle between the ribbon rotating arm and the hammer row, turn on the power supply, and the ribbon will be installed back into the ribbon box after self inspection

3. Hall effector damage

the cassette with frequent color bands, and the hall effector is constantly squeezed, resulting in damage and fracture. This kind of fault can only be replaced by the ribbon rotating arm assembly or the ribbon motion sensor

4. The driving belt of the color belt driving wheel is worn or broken

this fault is caused by the driving belt with higher requirements for the valve after the driving Sandvik project exceeds the yield load and the machinery and Sandvik venture capital belt are used for too long or the character chain friction. The solution is to adjust the position of the character chain so that it no longer rubs the drive belt; Please replace the broken ones

5. The ribbon motion sensing signal is interrupted

first check whether the ribbon motion sensing signal line has been damaged. If it is broken, replace the signal line; Check the ribbon motion sensing signal wire at the J6 socket on the interlock conversion board again for damage or poor contact. Please replace or plug in the signal wire

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