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Common faults and solutions of UV light curing machine

power supply

the whole machine has no power:

fault causes and

solutions ◎ not connected to the power supply --- connect the power supply correctly according to the wiring diagram

◎ the equipment automatically cuts off the power supply --- the light will not be turned on for a long time after the power supply is started, and the time relay will automatically shut down when the setting time is up

◎ the air switch of the external power supply trips - the capacity of the external air switch should be greater than or equal to the switching capacity of the machine

it can automatically calculate the maximum experimental value, fracture value and other data of the tested material. The UV light fixture lamp

uv lamp goes out automatically:

fault causes and

solutions ◎ insufficient air cooling - poor ventilation and heat dissipation, and the exhaust pipe is not slender, so it needs to be improved and unblocked

◎ over service life --- UV lamp aging, replacement

◎ the power supply voltage is too low or the power supply phase is missing --- increase the voltage and configure the voltage regulator; Check the circuit and switch, and rewire

◎ thermal protection switch action caused by transformer overheating - check the cause of transformer overheating and deal with it

◎ the thermistor in the transformer is damaged --- replace the thermistor

◎ the exhaust motor is unstable, resulting in the loss of pressure and disconnection of the air pressure switch

poor curing effect

fault causes and solutions

the distance between the UV lamp and the workpiece is too large or too small - adjust the appropriate distance

adjustment of transmission speed

uv lamp does not light up

fault causes and solutions

a few new UV lamps have some difficulties in triggering - frequently turn on and off the lamp; Or replace it

turn off the UV lamp after it has a high research and production capacity, that is, turn on the UV lamp - it must be started again after the UV lamp cools down, about 3-5 minutes. This is the first "passive house" designed and built by domestic developers in accordance with the climate of hot summer and cold winter in Chang Sanjiao area.

line or transformer failure - to be checked

after the UV lamp is turned off, the delay time is too long to turn it off

fault causes and


the delayer is damaged --- replace the


take away deviation: the left and right tightness of the belt is uneven --- the belt adjustment screw needs to be readjusted

belt slipping: insufficient belt tension

the belt conveying speed is unstable - -- check the speed regulating motor or governor

the belt is deformed or cannot be transmitted normally - -- the belt is overloaded or used incorrectly

temperature control

the body temperature is high --- improve the exhaust duct; Check the operation of the cooling fan

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