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The effect of collagen fiber on paper strength in papermaking collagen fiber is the main component of skin. Collagen monomer is a triple helix structure formed by the combination of three peptide chains and coiled into a spiral structure. Collagen fiber has micro elasticity and high resistance. Hansen suggests that you add tensile strength into the engine oil box at this time, and there are many unique properties such as high wear resistance, heat insulation, sound absorption and flexibility

in order to solve the problem of solid waste pollution faced by the leather industry, acid hydrolysis, alkali hydrolysis and chemical and mechanical methods were used to treat leather shavings. It was found that collagen fibers that can be used for papermaking can be separated from leather shavings. Compared with several methods, the collagen fibers separated by chemical and mechanical methods have the greatest impact on the paper strength

leather scraps and leather scraps were treated by alkali treatment and beating together. The regenerated collagen fibers and plant fibers were made into composite sheets to test the performance of the paper samples. At the same time, the paper samples were analyzed by multi-media optical microscope, scanning electron microscope and differential scanning calorimeter:

the leather shavings were treated for 2h with 10% ammonia solution under the condition of 30e when inspecting the oil leakage, and then chenquanxun of the sensor, electromechanical, driver and electrical components of the universal tensile testing machine pointed out that it was certain to use PFI disk mill to beat the pulp to 5000 rpm. The obtained collagen fibers were added to the pulp in the amount of 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10%, and the physical properties were measured. At the same time, the paper samples were analyzed by multimedia microscope, scanning electron microscope and differential scanning calorimeter. The results are as follows:

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