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When "Edison" fell in love with "Da Vinci" -- visit Schneider Electric China R & D center

[global comprehensive news] the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly put forward that we should adhere to the path of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics and implement the innovation driven development strategy. Innovation driven is actually talent driven, while independent innovation with Chinese characteristics is actually Chinese original. In the process of visiting Schneider Electric's China R & D center, talent driven and Chinese originality were expressed incisively and vividly

talent driven: watching Edison and Da Vinci

on a crisp autumn morning, Shi Ying, as usual, sat in her office in Zhangjiang High Tech Park and began the day's work. She is a member of Schneider Electric's R & D center in China, and also a mysterious Edison expert of Schneider Electric

since joining Schneider Electric in 2005, Shi Ying has served the company for 13 years. It is a great honor for the company and the industry to win the title of Edison expert. My greatest achievement was to be a lecturer of Leonardo da Vinci. With the help of this platform, we can communicate with other technical leaders and often encounter challenging problems. We must be very familiar with the field and in-depth research before we can answer them. Shi Ying frankly said that the reason why she has been in Schneider Electric for more than ten years is that on the one hand, the diversity and gender equality culture advocated by the company encourages female employees to show their strengths in R & D or leadership positions; On the other hand, the company has a complete talent training and incentive system

there are many experts like Shi Ying in China's R & D center. Some specialize in technical problems, and some have been transferred to management positions. They are all Edison experts. Schneider Electric's qualified senior technical personnel will be awarded the title of Edison expert. Edison experts are divided into three levels. The higher the level, the more stringent the selection conditions. China R & D center has more than 60 Edison experts

Da Vinci mentioned by Shi Ying is a training system that provides internal technical training and expert sharing for new employees. Both Edison and Da Vinci need to constantly learn the most cutting-edge technologies, but they also have some shortcomings to remain competitive

China Original: empowering China's digital economy

Schneider Electric China R & D center devotes 25% of its manpower to China original and 75% to global major projects

as one of the first foreign enterprises to enter China, Schneider Electric has been rooted in China for 31 years, witnessing China's reform and opening up and the changes of the times. In 1999, there was only a small team of more than 20 people in Caohejing. Before 2003, the team mainly localized the introduced products. Gaoshen, vice president of R & D of Schneider Electric Building Business China business division, recalled

from 2003 to 2007, closely following the pace of reform and opening up, the R & D center really grew. In 2005, it was officially listed, with a team of more than 200 people, and moved to Zhangjiang science and technology park to lay the foundation for customer-oriented agile development. In 2007, Jinan Shijin wood-based panel testing machine was introduced to participate in international projects. In 2012, China's R & D center really ushered in the spring. With China's efforts in cutting-edge areas such as high-speed rail, Internet, new energy and data center, local demand emerged, and the middle and senior leaders of the R & D team were replaced by Chinese people. After 2017, the Chinese R & D team began to export products and talents to foreign countries

after different stages of product localization, localization and international joint research and development, Schneider Electric R & D Center opened a new chapter of Chinese originality. At present, based on the global R & D capability, China R & D center leads the rapidly changing Chinese market and develops new products according to the needs of Chinese customers. It not only accelerates the time of product launch, but also opens the market more accurately. Some products were first developed and promoted by the Chinese team, and finally listed globally, exporting Chinese wisdom to the world

looking back at Schneider Electric's original works in China, it benefits from the leap forward development of China's economy, which drives the industry reform, thus generating new user needs; Chinese standards are strong enough to tilt production and innovation to this side; China is rich in human resources

take a dual power transfer switch as an example. Some local data center customers have special needs: not only to ensure power safety, but also to achieve neutral line switching. This technology was difficult to achieve at that time. At the end of 2014, the Chinese R & D team worked hard to overcome difficulties and obtained nearly 20 invention patents on products. When the product was launched in 2016, the response was enthusiastic, and it has been promoted to Europe and the United States

turning to the future, Gaoshen said that under the background of China's continuing to deepen reform and build a new pattern of comprehensive opening up, with the implementation of national strategies such as new urbanization, the 13th five year plan for energy, manufacturing power, and the advent of the era of Internet of things, emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IOT and so on have accelerated the transformation and upgrading of various industries. Schneider Electric will continue to implement China's original strategy and uphold the principle of, With the concept of benefiting the world for China and in China, we will create more products that meet and lead customers' needs and promote water efficiency benchmarking and compliance solutions for water enterprises, empower the industry and promote the development of digital economy

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