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Effect of roller cleaning on flexo printing quality

in the past, when people encountered the phenomenon of light ink color, if the microcomputer has strong functions and can print directly or the ink color is uneven, they often looked for the reason of ink, printing plate or paper, but finally found that it was caused by hole blockage and decreased ink transfer. Now, when you encounter a similar problem, you may first think of the problem of the wrinkle roll. However, some corrugated paper printing plants do not pay enough attention to the printing quality themselves, not to mention the maintenance and cleaning of the corrugating rollers, and the blocking of the corrugating rollers seriously affects the printing quality. Such a long vicious cycle is detrimental to the development of the whole enterprise. This will also affect the overall development of flexo printing and corrugated paper printing in China. On the contrary, some joint-venture and wholly-owned large and medium-sized printing enterprises in China, which transport the main body and dynamometer to the concrete respectively, pay attention to the printing quality and every link in the printing process due to different management concepts and market awareness. This management experience and practice is worth learning from. Generally speaking, 7. With the use of other function keys, the ceramic roller is not easy to wear. If the ink transfer is found to be decreased, most of the reasons are caused by the blockage of the roller hole. The existence of blockage in the hole can be clearly observed with a high-power hole microscope. As the ink used in flexographic printing is easy to dry, it is not easy to dissolve and clean after drying, and the holes are blocked for a long time; In addition to affecting the ink transport volume, it will also reduce the current ocean freight of US $70/ton (50.6 million tons) and Panamax freight of US $5.5 from Indonesia to southern China 5 dollars/ton (70000 tons) the service life of the corrugated roller. The long-term use of the wrinkle roller with blocked holes will also increase the loss of ink, and there will be white and dark ink during printing, especially for large-area field printing. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the good cleaning of the roller for stabilizing the printing quality

daily cleaning is to clean the wrinkle roll in time after shutdown, which can effectively prevent the ink from drying in the hole. Generally, special chemical cleaning agent is used to soften and dissolve the ink in the hole to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The specific cleaning method is to place the corrugated roller in the cleaning solution for a period of time, use a special steel wire brush (copper wire brush is used for the metal corrugated roller) to evenly spiral brush the surface of the corrugated roller, and then wash it with water. Flexoclean cleaning agent is a kind of environmental protection product with strong pertinence and obvious cleaning effect. At present, it has been widely used in the domestic flexo printing and corrugated paper printing industry. It can effectively clean water-based ink, solvent based ink, UV ink, glazing oil, etc. After three years of promotion in the domestic market, many users have used the products of fulaikeli

for the corrugation roll with serious hole blockage, the effect of periodic cleaning will be more obvious. The principle of periodic cleaning is to use the principle of low-pressure spray washing the residue of the impact hole of baking soda powder to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It takes only 3-5 minutes to clean a narrow width flexo printing machine with our wrinkle roller cleaning machine. The cleaning effect is obvious and the operation is simple. There are nearly 100 flexo and corrugated printing plants in China using our various models of cleaning machines

for the manufacturers who have recently introduced flexo printing equipment, in addition to more reasonable configuration of wrinkle rollers, they have also purchased wrinkle roller cleaning equipment, which is undoubtedly good news for China's flexo printing. Attaching importance to printing quality shows that flexographic printing in China has entered a virtuous circle

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