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Education and training of e-era industry (Part 1)

due to the high development of digital technology and the opening of the global market, it has accelerated the change of the domestic industrial structure, and also stimulated the industry to actively invest in HP. HP is also communicating with more than 50 material enterprises about process upgrading and improvement, talent cultivation, so as to enhance productivity and create competitive advantages. The printing industry is no exception. The structural transformation of the printing industry, the shortening of work processes, computerization and automation will be the focus of the development of all walks of life. Therefore, in order to cope with the development of science and technology, it is necessary to absorb the latest information in real time, understand the trend of the latest scientific and technological development, and cultivate professional knowledge and technical talents systematically and purposefully. At present, the printing industry is in the stage of enterprise transformation, process transformation and technology integration. Under the competition of network technology, printing equipment and scientific and technological talents, the training of integrated human resources is a key issue for the future development of the printing industry. Secondly, it is necessary to better understand and master the future talent development trend of printing in order to enhance the competitiveness of the industry. The development direction of talent demand is as follows:

(I) the printing process has changed, especially the transformation and progress of prepress technology

(2) the traditional operation technology is facing an impact, and the computerization and informatization of the printing process need to be adjusted appropriately

(III) the integration of printing related equipment is the trend in the future. In particular, the prepress, printing, binding and processing equipment that have always operated have been applied to computers, and the online architecture and integration are the future development trend

(IV) facing the environment of industrial transformation and insufficient manpower, the printing industry should move towards labor saving, efficiency and automation

however, the change of industrial structure and the development of computers will make the printing industry pay more attention to the use of electronic media and computer network technology. In order to match this development trend, China has an absolute advantage in the global micro spherical aluminum powder market. In terms of transmission communication and media distribution, printing houses will certainly increase their reliance on this two-way communication tool, and use desktop publishing system and computer typesetting system, To increase the efficiency of graphic and text processing in the printing plant. Due to the use of electronic publishing technology to store and transmit various printed content data in a more accurate way, these technologies need printing professionals to be able to process these technologies

During the transformation process of the printing industry in the era of E, the following situations will occur:

first, due to the economic development, social structure and the change of values, the work outlook, work ethics, work attitude and working hours of employees have had a considerable impact. Relatively, enterprises are also facing the challenges of labor shortage and rising wage costs, How to properly apply machinery and equipment and give full play to manpower to maximize their production efficiency has become a major issue for operators who have simulated the finite element analysis of key components

II. In order to meet the arrival of the high-tech era and coordinate with the upgrading of the industry, the printing industry, whether pre press, printing or post press processing, must make appropriate adjustments in the process and human quality, and strengthen the talent cultivation of new printing technology and new technology

III. under the guidance of scientific and technological progress and process shortening, for the introduction of new technology machinery and equipment, it is necessary to strengthen the standard action of process operation, correct concept and familiarity in order to improve the printing quality

IV. in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and avoid fierce competition in the domestic printing market, the industry does not cut prices and compete with each other and the industry expands the international market; Among them, how to integrate the upstream, middle and downstream of printing, cultivate printing technology, expand export business and other professionals, and improve the quality of printing is an important issue that can not be ignored

problems that enterprises often face in handling education and training in terms of enterprise index:

I. talent cultivation system: since most domestic printing enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and there is no complete system for personnel training, it is an important topic to establish and instill the foresight of education and training

II. Talent training methods: because many printing factories are not large in scale, they are not ideal in accepting new technologies and equipment. The reason is that most printing enterprises still use traditional training methods, so they do not give full play to the real benefits of training in practice. They should further strengthen their professional training and theoretical study

III. The attitude of the employees: even if they intend to improve the quality of employees, they are less willing to invest in employees because of the high turnover rate of employees

during the implementation of education and training, we should master its expected performance and Evaluation Benchmark:

first, provide the latest prepress technology information and professional training, timely provide professional training to solve the problem of prepress professional manpower shortage faced by the industry, and systematically and completely improve the printing professional knowledge of prepress practitioners

II. Provide the most effective operation and management application mode, so as to achieve the business objectives of the enterprise, provide complete and practical all-round courses, and enable the enterprise to cooperate with people and things, get people to do things, and give full play to people's talents. In addition, we should improve the management concept of printing enterprises and give full play to the team strength

III. make a complete analysis of the pre press, printing, post press processing and other operation processes, and provide all-round training for the printing professional technology, and make the most appropriate allocation of manpower and equipment, so as to maximize the productivity and reduce the defect rate

IV. in view of the shortcomings of the apprenticeship teaching method still used in the printing industry, professional training should be provided to strengthen the basic technical personnel of color separation and printing, so as to enhance the experience inheritance of professional and technical teachers

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