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in order to prevent iatrogenic infection in oral treatment, oral disinfection is the most important step. From April, 2003 to June, 2004, we used melag vaciklav24-b three times pre vacuum full-automatic pressure steam sterilizer for disinfection, a total of 9836. Check the number of bacteria on the machine head every month. The results showed that three times pre vacuum automatic pressure steam sterilizer was an ideal disinfection method

1 materials and methods

(1) there are 160 animals in our department. An average of 25 ~ 35 rats were used every day. Collect the used needles, unload them, wipe them with 75% alcohol cotton balls, then wash them with the full-automatic oil filling washing machine, wipe off the oil stains, put them into the paper and plastic packaging bags produced by 3M company, and seal them with the sealing machine. 3M instruction tape shall be pasted outside the paper plastic packaging bag. (2) Put the layers into the full-automatic pressure steam sterilizer, and select universalprog1 to make the ram134 ℃ wrapped program from alloy steel or composite steel pipe lined with alloy steel, which is heat-resistant, high pressure strength, strong, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. (this procedure is suitable for sterilization of various types of packaging articles, especially for instruments with cavities and long and thin pipelines). The pressure is 2.2bar and the sterilization time is 3.5min. (3) Put the sterilized in a special drawer, and the sterilization period is 1 month. Use in sequence. (4) On the first Monday of each month, five animals were randomly selected, and the samples were extracted one by one on the clean treatment table according to the requirements of aseptic operation, placed in the nutrient broth culture, and sent to the bacteria room for culture

2 results

3 discussion

at present, it is considered that pressure steam sterilization and 2% neutral glutaraldehyde immersion are better among the commonly used disinfection methods to improve the output of oral instruments. After 15 months of experiments, it was proved that the number of bacteria disinfected by melag vaciklav24-b three times pre vacuum full-automatic steam sterilizer was 0

the vacuum steam sterilizer adopts a water sealed circulating vacuum pump, with low vacuum degree and high vacuum pumping efficiency. The vacuum degree of three times before sterilization reaches -0.92bar, which has reliable steam permeability to internal air instruments. After sterilization, the maximum vacuum degree of vacuum drying reaches 0.94bar, shortening the drying time, the residual humidity of the instrument is less than 2 ‰, and the temperature control accuracy is ± 0.5 ℃. It can effectively protect and avoid oil leakage; The high-temperature vulnerable oral cavity can effectively promote the birth, growth and maturity of new technologies and technologies. It has the function of automatic water quality monitoring and control, and can effectively protect the internal pipelines

author/Sun Qunli, Shi Xinhua, woxiuying

source: Chinese Journal of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

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