The tenth day of the first lunar month

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At the beginning of the new year, amidst a burst of lively firecrackers, Yinmei home 2017 set sail in new clothes

at the beginning of the new year

amid a burst of lively firecrackers

Yinmei home 2017 set sail in new clothes

[chairman Quan Kuangyi] delivered a new year's commencement speech:

first of all, I wish all brothers and sisters a happy new year. Looking back on 2016, Yinmei has experienced an extraordinary year, experienced various challenges and difficulties, and is also an opportunity. With the concerted efforts and strong support of all colleagues, Yinmei will develop better and better

I hope you will stick to your own posts, control every process in your hand, and stabilize the product quality

the pre-sales and after-sales services are more detailed, so that users can be relieved

I believe that with your joint efforts, Yinmei will be more brilliant in the new year. Thank you

@ [Yinmei home] has focused on the customization of aluminum doors and windows for 14 years, and I am grateful to everyone who has given help and support along the way




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