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In recent years, as the post-80s and post-90s generation gradually entered the society, it has become the main force of house purchase and decoration consumption. How to meet the needs of these groups has gradually become the focus of analysis for door and window enterprises. As we all know, consumers' purchase decisions are affected and restricted by many factors. Therefore, the important premise to meet this part of consumers' needs is to first understand the consumption trends and characteristics of the target consumer groups

value brand and pay attention to quality

the growth environment and educational environment of the young generation are very different from those of the previous generation. The people who have been in contact since childhood, education and life entertainment have left deep-rooted impressions in their minds, which will further affect their lives. Young people pay more attention to the quality of life (for example, Xiaobian is one of them. As a post-90s generation, I deeply realize the importance of quality). Whether it is high or medium income, as long as I can maintain a normal life, I will always try to improve the quality of life

fashion personality pursues fashion

the young generation grew up in an increasingly open era, and various foreign customs and cultures have also exerted a subtle influence on their spiritual outlook. Xiaobian is a person who pursues personality, no matter in dress, hairstyle, or even housing decoration, and has higher requirements for the living environment (after all, there are people who want to live with you for a lifetime)

Internet consumption

in recent years, the vigorous development of major e-commerce and the increasingly perfect supervision system and management mode in the field of e-commerce have made more and more door and window businesses and consumers willing to accept this new consumption mode. E-commerce is becoming more and more mainstream. The commodities of the younger generation of online shopping include almost all categories. In the current form, relying solely on retailers to transmit information to consumers can no longer adapt to the new business environment. Therefore, this safe, convenient and fast consumption mode naturally becomes the decision-making content of our generation of consumer groups, which is related to the main factors such as personal personality, temperament, interest, living habits and income level, as well as the spatial environment, social and cultural environment, economic environment and other stimulating factors of consumers Methods and results will bring uncertain effects





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